A lot of industries have been created by this little tool.


At 3 G's Sharpening, we promise to make your scissor sharper then it ever was.


Having been trained in "2006" by Wolff Sharpening, we know how to apply the best bevel edge your scissor can handle. 




Household, Tailor, Barber and Grooming shears are $10.00 each.

Beauty and Salon shears are $15.00


Please be aware that we specialize in the "bevel edge" on your salon shears, we replace any bumpers, and washers or at no charge, and we balance and adjust all scissors as part of our sharpening service.  

All scissors are disinfected to eliminate any chance of cross contamination.    


      3 G's


Scissor Sharpening Service

sharpening service


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