We know how important it is that your knife cuts sharply and cleanly, whether it's at work or at home. 

We charge $5.00 per knife, $7.00 for serrated.  We'll take out the chips and nics at no charge and there is no minimum order for mail order.  You can send us one knife if you like, that's okay. 

  Homeowners knives should be sharpened 2 to 3 times a year depending on use.  That's because the steel edge on your knife actually bends or becomes rounded with constant usage.  We take it and "move" that steel back to a perfect razor sharp "V" shaped edge. 

  The "pros"  (see above photo)  constantly use the honeing steel to maintain the sharp edge but still use our services on a regular basis.

Once you've experienced our work, you become a regular customer. 

We take our time with each knife, it's best for us and best for you, and, yes, I do use a scope to look at each edge. 




       YES CHEFS!

Knives are our Specialty.

  "just a part of life"

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