Use a padded envelope or a sturdy box and wrap and pack everything so nothing moves inside.

For the knives, you can use newspaper and roll each one up individually and then fold the empty section back over it and tape it so it won't open.

Remember to add lots of stuffing to the box or envelope so the items don't move around, that's very important.  You can use foam packaging, bubble wrap or just ball up newspaper and stuff it into the box along with your order form, check, cash or money order. 





Use this video as a guide on how to pack the box and send your items to us. 

It's very easy and don't feel bad if you want to use your own box.  Just make sure it's packed and stuffed real good.    





   "Sending your items to us"


   Mailing or shipping items to us here at

    3G's Sharpening Service is very easy.


We like the Post Office, try to use them if you can. 

They do a pretty good job. 

Most of our clients use the Medium Priority box. 

It holds a lot of knives plus it's FREE from the Post Office.  You just go there and ask for one.

The box can hold up to 15 knives without a problem.   


      3 G's








    UPS and FedEx



We have a very convenient location for you to use as a drop off location or to mail your items to. 

Just let us know thru an email, text or phone call, so we can be on the look out for them.

Sometimes we can pick them up the same day but it's usually by the next day. 

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