Okay, so we know that Chisels have been around for a long time, in fact, some versions are believed to have been used for marble carving in 6th century BC Greece. 

But I wonder what they charged to sharpen them back then?

Doesn't matter, we still charge only $5.00 per chisel.  So get yours over to us.

Remember, we have no minimum order for mail order.  You can send us one chisel if you like. 

So go to our order form and send them in.  

You'll be very impressed at how sharp they are and how good they look.






        History of the Chisel

Chisels have been around since ancient times. Even today, perhaps no carpenter, factory worker, sculptor or construction worker can do without these indispensable, little hand tools. If you are a DIY person, a set of chisels can be extremely useful to have around the home, particularly if you possess some basic, carpentry skills. It may seem hard to believe that many of the exquisite, marble statues, historical monuments, and even the modern skyscrapers and sculptures we see today, owe much of their beauty and finesse to this amazing tool.

Take a look at a sharp chisel!



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