So, you're probably wondering how I ever got into this business, right?


Born and raised in New Jersey, I come from a family of seven boys.  My father made his living playing the piano and toured the country with Gene Krupa.

My mother stayed at home and raised us ( it was easier back then ) but my mom also had a side business.  She and my aunt used to make beautiful custom neckties. 

Their business was called "GG Ties" and they were outstanding. 

As a Kitchen Designer for over 25 years now, I've always done work on the side.  Working with two of my brothers, hence the name 3G's, I've done hundreds of kitchen installations.  Back in 2006, I wanted to change to something different but still stay connected to my kitchen designing work, and that's how knives came in to play.  It was perfect, I was designing your kitchen because you like to cook, and if you liked to cook, then you most likely had a good set of knives, and the rest is history. 

Take a look at one of my kitchens and then send me your knives.  I promise, you will be very impressed.  


      3 G's


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